Birthday celebration

Birthday package

for up to 10 children, ages 5-16 years


  • 10 flights
  • 1 high-fly 
  • 30 minute access to VR-park
  • Private dining room
  • Pizza, sodas and ice cream
  • Video og pictures from flights
  • 500,- for each additional child
  • You are welcome to bring a cake

Price: 6 000,- 


Birthday celebration

for grown-up’s?

Our facilities are delicate and modern and can accommodate parties of up to a hundred people. Our kitchen will feed you delicious meals and the bar serves all rights. With technologically advanced activities and unforgettable experiences, Modern Activity Center is always a good place for celebrating your life event. We want to suggest some package options if you want to celebrate at our location:

Executive package
Our executive packages include VR-experiences, private dining room where a main course and dessert are served, and 2, 4 or 6 alternative flights. See wind tunnel -> Company for prices and more info.

Full experience
Chose between a small and large adventure package that provides a taste of everything we have to offer. Prices per person. See Wind Tunnel -> Firsttimer for prices and more info.

Group / Family package
Our wind tunnel packages are meant to be shared between a maximum number of people. The cafeteria is open every day between 12-20 and we have plenty of dining space in the common area, where you can order food and beverages as you wish. VR-experiences can be purchased from reception at any time. And remember, it is always OK to bring a cake!

Solo flyer
Surprise someone for their birthday with a visit to the wind tunnel. Solo flyer packages starts at 600,-. Maybe take the afterparty to the VR-/AR park, price 75, – a ticket.


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Phone 401 02 000
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