The Space-Time Shuttle


World leading VR technology

The Space-Time Shuttle rotates around its own axes and can take you on a practically realistic roller coaster, and also so much more.

Examples of games;

  • Ace flying; fighter-like
  • Time dead; futuristic city
  • Alien dead zone; futuristic jungle

From the manufacturer:
Space-time Shuttle Simulator VR version is a new product, self-developed by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, with the world’s leading motion control technology integrated. It is designed with a 360-degree rotating platform with 2-room axes, designed to fit the gaming movements. It can achieve amazing movements with distortion at various angles, and with high accuracy. The precise motion simulation, interactive flight control and sound and light effects are combined to simulate an ultra-realistic flight experience. Space-Time Shuttle supports fighting games and multiplayer mode in 3D environment, providing a full demonstration of various features of an aircraft. In each game level you have to perform different tasks in real life scenes. It is often used at science centers, for flight training, aircraft exhibitions and the like.