Star Twin-Seat

VR experiences with amazing precision

Star Twin-Seat is a milder simulator than the Space-Time Shuttle, but with a somewhat similar starting point. Choose between everything from carousels to educational experiences for the youngest.

Examples of games:

  • Rapid forest; Rollercoaster where you shoot overgrown bees etc.
  • Coaster simulator; Realistic roller coaster.
  • Interstellar cross; Fly through space in a rocket

From the manufacturer:
The dynamic movement speed of the product can be adjusted precisely from 10mm/sec to 167mm/sec. The motion control can go up, down, left and right. The games allow you to move around new worlds with a lot of excitement. Sensor sight headset: Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360° head tracking, and the product allows the user to hold heavy weapons. By gently turning your head, you can target accurately. At the click of the joystick with, the form is brand new and unique, giving the user a feeling of being the incarnation of the mythical character Medusa, and look forward to the ultimate joy of turning on each time. The Inclusive and Ample Content: By integrating various  entertainment elements, the experience of virtual reality is more colorful: virtual shooting, virtual roller coaster, virtual flight, virtual driving … the endless stream of exciting content is dazzling and surprising.