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Proflyer Starter Course, kr5.800,-

Become a proflyer

In this 3 level course you will start your way to become a Proflyer. This individual course consists 3 times 10 minutes in the wind tunnel and includes all the required material for a safe flight, full briefing with a certified instructor who will walk you through the entire process.

You can choose to take all 3 levels in one day or book them separately.


  • Level 1 : 1x10min                                       

This level includes a pre-flight briefing where you will learn the body position, in-flight communication, receive flight gear and fly in the wind tunnel. You will learn to fly on your belly and move around in the air. After the flights your instructor will perform a demonstration followed by a post-flight briefing. This level is enough to give you the basics to advance to the next level.

  • Level 2 : 1x10min  


In this next level you will learn how to control your body in the flight chamber and focus on meeting the criterias of becoming a proflyer, which are: Entrance, turning, forward and backwards movement aswell as up, down and exiting the tunnel. 


  • Level 3 : 1x10min                                                                                                 

In this third level, you have the time for your own disposition with or without an instructor. Once this step has been completed, you are now a registered Pro Flyer at the Modern Activity Center and can book an appointment yourself, with or without an instructor, at discounted rates.


Proflyer prices:


Off-peak 7 000,- per hour


  • Includes optional coaching
  • The hour is divided into sections (30 minutes = 3 500,-)
  • Bookings of minimum 15 minutes
  • Time can only be booked at off-peak times
  • Peak times are Friday from 16 – 20, Saturdays and Sundays


On-peak 8 000,- per hour
  • Includes optional coaching
  • The hour is divided into sections (30 minutes = 4 000,-)
  • Bookings of minimum 15 minutes
  • Peak times are Friday from 16 – 20, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Limited to 1 hour proflyer bookings Saturday and Sunday between 10am-6pm. Contact us for booking, or request to book outside business hours.