Bachelor party

Kick off the bachelor or bachelorette party in Norway’s wildest wind tunnel at Gardermoen for a proper start to the celebration! We have private rooms with space for up to 100 people, food service with delicious Asian fusion from our partner Sumo Restaurants, our bar holds all necessary rights, transport to and from through our partner Charterbuss, and of course intense experiences in our activity center and wind tunnel! We are flexible and can tailor the event to your wishes or needs, talk to us and we will put together the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party for you!

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This package includes for up to 6 perople:

  • Non-alcoholic bubbles (Flying in the wind tunnel while intoxicated is not permitted)
  • 2 flights per person
  • 2 VR/AR experiences each
  • Photo and video of the entire event
  • High-flying for the bride/groom
  • Instructions, gear rental and post-flight briefing byan instructor are included
  • Add an extra guest for only NOK 750,-
  • Add food service from Sumo Restaurants (contact us for pricing) 
  • Transport can be arranged to and from with Charterbuss (contact us for pricing) 

Prices – Bachelor Party

From 5000,-

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  • For 6 people
  • Non-alcoholic bubbles
  • 2 flights per person
  • 2 VR/AR-experiences each
  • Photo and video from flights
  • High-fly for the bride/groom
  • Instructions, gear rental, and post-flight briefing by an instructor is also included

From 825,-

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  • Add extra guest to Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Practical infromation:

  • Estimated duration of Bachelor Party is approx. 2 hours.
  • Flying in the wind tunnel whiile intoxicated is stricktly prohibited. We recommend starting the day here.
  • Contact us for pricing and ordering of food service from Sumo Restaurants
  • Contact us for pricing and booking of transport with Charterbuss

A sneak peek of what to expect:

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the wind tunnel located?

Modern Activity Center is located at Gardermoen outside Oslo, our adress is: Balder Allé 16, 2060 Gardermoen

What do i need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers/running shoes, put up or braid long hair.

Do you serve food?

Yes, we do! Our Café serves pizza, toast, drinks, cakes, snacks and ice cream.

What is the age limit?

You have to be 5 years or older to use the wind tunnel (helmets will not fit most children below the age of 5).

The age limit for our VR-simulators varies. However, some of the simulators can be operated by people from 5 years old and up.

Our Climbing wall does not have an age limit.

Who can not use the windtunnel?

People who are pregnant or has previously dislocated their shoulder.

Is there a weight limit?

We have a weight limit of around 120 kg.

Can i fly after drinking alcohol?

No, you cannot. If you are planning a bachelor party og event, we recommend that you start your day here with us.

How long does a flight last?

One flight is the equivalent to a skydiving jump, and lasts about 1 minute.

What is a High-Fly?

"High-Fly" is an add-on you can add to your flight, where a qualified instructor takes you to a higher altitude during your flight. The flight will go up to 10 meters altitude lasts for about 30-45 seconds, and will be added to your last flight.

How many flights should i book?

2 flights is enough to let you feel the sensation of free falling. How long it takes to gain control of your movement is up to each individual, but we do recommend 5 flights.

Do you have birthday party-packages?

Yes, we offer packages for birthday parties for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age. Read more here, or contact us at

Can you fly in the wind tunnel with a companion?

No Unfortunately. For safety reasons, we consider it too risky to have 2 inexperienced pilots in the fin tunnel with 1 instructor.

Companions are welcome to attend the briefing and join on the waiting bench in the flight chamber.

Companions are free to book their own flight time if desired. The person being accompanied must be able to sit and wait on the waiting bench alone.

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