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Modern Activity Center

A Modern Experience Center

Modern Activity Center carries its name with pride. We offer exciting and high-tech activities, an experience center beyond the ordinary, where visitors can be entertained for hours. Here one can experience a multitude of simulated and physical activities, all under safe conditions.

The digital climbing wall detects movements, allowing competing and points to be collected, while four different VR-simulators covers anything from wingsuiting to gocarting, with the the option to sabotage the opponent.

As main attraction, the center holds Norway’s largest vertical windtunnel, with a flight chamber of 14 feet in diameter, 16 feet tall glass, and a wind speed of up to 300 km/h. Here anyone can feel the sensation of free fall, as long as one has turned 5 years old, are not pregnant or previous issues with dislocating shoulder.

The center accomodates a small shop, a large lounge area with a cafeteria and a coffee bar, that serves “home-made” food and drinks. Our conference room can accommodate up to 40 people, and can also be booked for private parties and conferences. We have the opportunity to hold smaller competitions as well as world championships.

We are located a few steps away from the Keplerstjerna, with good opportunities for accommodation in the surrounding area and only 10 minutes driving distance from Oslo airport. The parking lot is spacious and with possibility of electric car charging. The state-of-the-art facility is designed by Nordic – Office of Architecture and developed by Møller Eiendom.

Our talented and friendly instructors can instruct and guide at all levels, and we offer programs and memberships for those who want to develop as a flyer.

Modern Activity Center

Balder Allé 16
2050 Jessheim

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